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When light stands next to darkness, light always wins! @rev_rodriguez #BeLight

It’s time to throw off whatever life or hell has placed upon your light. @rev_rodriguez #BeLight

Rise Up and Be Light! @rev_rodriguez #BeLight

When life throws you rocks, build an altar. @rev_rodriguez #BeLight

You are what you tolerate. @rev_rodriguez #BeLight

God does not look for those who have it all. He looks for those willing to surrender it all. @rev_rodriguez #BeLight

What you can’t shake off, Jesus washes off! @rev_rodriguez #BeLight

God does not call the perfect, he calls the willing. @rev_rodriguez #BeLight

Surround yourself with people who speak into you and not about you. @rev_rodriguez #BeLight

What you survived yesterday will determine what you will conquer tomorrow. @rev_rodriguez #BeLight

You can’t speak like heaven and look like hell nor speak like hell and look like heaven. @rev_rodriguez #BeLight

You have to learn to sing in the desert before you dance in the promised land. @rev_rodriguez #BeLight

Your testimony is proof that the devil is a liar. @rev_rodriguez #BeLight

We are the church of Jesus Christ and the gates of hell shall not prevail against us. @rev_rodriguez #BeLight

Be Light

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